Before taking off, find here some weather websites and weather station pages to plan your flight.


The Wellington Club has three Holfuy weather stations located at some of our most common flying sites


Baring Head

Heights Road

WHGPC weather scraper

This small web app is scraping the current wind speed and direction from weather stations around Wellington.

You can also see the stations on a map and get the current and incoming wind surface from RASP and MetVUw.


This most are probably familiar with, links to all sorts of good stuff. Especially current wind readings. Take note of Kaukau. This site is at about 2000′ in the Hutt area, so is a good indicator of predominant wind for Paekakariki or Mt Climie. Or anywhere else for that matter. Main thing is you dont get misled by lack of wind at the ground level sites early in the morning.


This one is particularly good, and somewhat accurate for forecasting a couple of days ahead. Also gives a pretty good overview of rain and wind in near future.


Forecasts for gliders – VERY useful!