Greater Wellington Regional Parks flying sites

The Wellington Hang Gliding & Paragliding Club has a Special Access Permit with Greater Wellington Regional Council to access flying sites within the regional parks at Baring Head, Mt Climie, Battle Hill and Whitireia.  

Members are required annually, before flying at these sites, to confirm: 

   1) agreement with the conditions of the Special Access Conditions (below), including the by-laws,

   2) that they have read and understood the WHGPC health and safety plan, and, 

   3) if they are driving onto Baring Head or Mt Climie that they have provided their vehicle registration number(s).  

Special Access Conditions 2023

WHGPC Wellington Hang Gliding and Paragliding club

WHGPC Health and Safety Plan

Special access conditions

  1. Annual online renewal of special access permit
  2. Annual submission of Health and Safety Plan, insurance and submit a current list of club member registrations.
  3. The club will ensure that all members have read and signed off the Health and Safety Plan, special access permit conditions of use (this document) and the Park By-Laws.
  4. Maximum group size 30, maximum of 10 vehicles
  5. Only members of the WHGPC may gain access for the specific purpose of paragliding or hang gliding.

WHGPC special access conditions

Baring Head/Orua Poanui

  1. No dogs are permitted at Baring Head.
  2. Vehicles may include motorcycles but access to the park must be through the bridge gate using the FOB.
  3. Driving off the gravel road is not permitted, other than to deliver gliders to the launch area. We are required to park on the gravel road or designated parking areas and walk to the launch area.
  4. Maintenance of the grass on launch will be our responsibility – via working bee around Oct each year. Due to the extreme fire risk we need GWRC approval before we do any weed whacking.
  5. These are the full conditions for Baring Head.
  6. Instructions on how to set up to gate access App and use your phone can be found here.

Battle Hill

  1. No dogs are permitted at Battle Hill.
  2. Vehicles access through farmland must be arranged with the park ranger via
  3. No flying during lambing season.

Pakuratahi Mt Climie

  1. Inform ranger when accessing site, even if doing a hike/fly, either by phone or text on 027 248 1658.
  2. Vehicle lights on at all times driving Mt Climie road.
  3. Vehicles to give way to all other users of the road.

WHGPC weather station conditions (installed near the WWII bunkers 2021).

  1. The weather station will be maintained by WHGPC
  2. The wind meter data will be freely available to GWRC.
  3. The Weather station will be removed within three months at the request of GWRC.
  4. If vehicle access is required to the weather station the East Harbour regional Park ranger will be contacted 48hrs prior for approval, 027 467 3076.

Agreement to conditions