The rules of the WHGPC

The rules of the
1.1 The name of the society is the:
1.2 The club shall be affiliated to the New Zealand Hand Gliding and Paragliding Association hereinafter called “the Association”.

2.1 To develop, protect and promote the sport of hang gliding and paragliding.
2.2 To foster harmony between club members, other members of the Association, the Civil Aviation Authority, public and local authorities, flying site owners and the general public.

2.3 To encourage the sharing of knowledge and to promote safety consciousness generally within the hang gliding and paragliding movement.

2.4 To encourage adherence to the rules and regulations of the club and the Association.

2.5 To purchase, lease or sell any real and / or personal properties.
2.6 To invest, control and dispose of the funds and property of the club and to lend with or without charging the assets of the club.

3.1 New members
New members shall be admitted by the Secretary/Treasurer upon receipt by the Secretary/Treasurer of an application in writing by a candidate for membership together with the annual subscription. The Secretary/Treasurer is not bound to admit every or any such candidate for membership. If the Secretary/Treasurer declines to admit a candidate, the application will be referred to the Executive Committee in which case election for membership shall be decided by a simple majority of the Executive Committee.

3.2 Suspension of Membership
Any member acting in a manner prejudicial to the interests of the club may be suspended by the Executive Committee from the privileges of membership for such period as the Executive Committee thinks fit. Before any such decision, the Executive Committee shall allow the member concerned an opportunity to make representation as it shall think fit.

3.3 Termination of Membership
Members may withdraw from the club by tendering their resignation in writing to the Secretary/Treasurer provided that all monies owed by them to the club have been paid. Any member who commits a breach of rules or any regulations of the club shall be liable to expulsion by the Executive Committee or other authorized body, but any member so expelled shall have the right to appeal to a special general meeting of the club within two weeks of notification of such expulsion being given to them.

4.1 Annual Subscriptions
The annual rate of subscriptions payable to the club shall be fixed by the club at a general meeting and be payable within four weeks thereof. If no rate is fixed for a particular year, the previous year’s subscription shall apply for that year.
Following the expiry of half the financial year, subscriptions hall be on a pro rata
basis at the discretion of the Secretary/Treasurer

4.2 Further Subscriptions or Levies
Every member shall, in addition to all other monies payable by them forthwith, pay to the club all sums of money (or further subscriptions or levies) not exceeding in any one case the amount of their annual subscription for the current year which may be at any time levied upon them as a member by the club, and which the club may consider necessary or expedient for the purpose of furthering the interests of the club and its members.

5.1 Executive Committee
The office bearers shall include a President, Secretary/Treasurer, Hang Gliding Safety Officer, Paragliding Safety Officer and other such officers as considered necessary from time to time by the club at the annual general meeting and such officers shall form the Executive Committee.

5.2 Election of Officers
All office bearers shall be elected annually at the annual general meeting and such officers shall be eligible for re-election. The Executive Committee shall have full power to manage and direct the affairs of the club, and to this end the Executive Committee may appoint such Sub-Committees and minor officers as it thinks necessary. Any vacancy occurring on the Executive Committee during its term of office, or any vacancy not filled at the annual general meeting may be filled by the Committee.

6.1 The rules of the club may be altered, added to or rescinded only at a general meeting called for that purpose, and then only if the motion to alter, add to, or rescind the rules is passed with a two-thirds majority of those present in person or by proxy who are entitled to vote or in the case of a postal vote by a two- thirds majority of those who vote.

7.1 Annual General Meeting
The club shall hold at least one general meeting in each year at which the annual report and financial statements shall be presented to members for their approval. These meetings shall be known as the annual general meeting and shall be held not later than 31 October in each year.

7.2 The notice of a general meeting shall be posted to members at their last known postal address at least 14 days prior to the date fixed for the general meeting.

7.3 Members shall have one vote each on all matters. The Chari shall decide on a show of hands in the first place but any three members may require a ballot. In the case of equality the Chair shall have a casting vote as well as an original vote.
Votes may be cast personally or by proxy by members of the club. In respect of matters dealing with amendment to rules or specification, votes may be recorded by post in such a manner as is determined from time to time by the club. One-third of the financial members shall form a quorum for a general meeting of the club.

7.4 Special General Meeting
A special general meeting may be called by direction of the Executive Committee at any time or shall be called by the Secretary/Treasurer within 14 days after receipt of a requisition to that effect signed by not less than three members specifying the matter to be discussed at the meeting. Notice of a special general meeting shall be sent to the members by the Secretary/Treasurer at least 7 days prior to the date fixed for the holding thereof. No business shall be transacted at any such meeting except that for which notice shall be given as aforesaid.

8.1 The business of every meeting shall be conducted in accordance with the rules of the club and standard meeting procedure shall be followed as far as deemed

9.1 Control of Funds
The funds of the club shall be under the control of the Executive Committee. The Secretary/Treasurer shall receive all monies paid to the club and deposit the same to the credit of the club in a bank approved by the Executive Committee within 14 days of receipt. All withdrawal slips or cheques shall be signed by the President and the Secretary/Treasurer.

9.2 Financial Reports
The Secretary/Treasurer shall prepare and present to members at the annual general meeting a statement of the income and expenditure of the club, and a balance sheet containing a summary of the club’s assets and liabilities made up to the end of the preceding financial period and duly subjected to approval at the annual general meeting. The financial period for accounting purposes shall be 12 months from 1 October to 30 September.

9.3 Use of Funds
Club funds are to be used for the purposes as stated in the objects of the club and are not for distribution to members, except in the case of reimbursement of approved expenses incurred on behalf of the club.

9.4 Borrowing Powers
The club shall have power to borrow or raise money in such a manner as the club in general meeting may determine and to secure the repayment thereof by the issue of debentures or by mortgage or charge upon the whole or part of the assets of the club (whether present or future) and to purchase, redeem or pay off any such securities.

10.1 Decision to Wind Up
A two-thirds majority of the members of the club in general meeting convened for the purpose may (provided that all liabilities of the club have been duly discharged) resolve that the club be wound up as from a date to be named in such resolution. Such resolution before it shall take effect shall be confirmed at a subsequent general meeting called for the purpose and held not earlier than 30 days after the date on which the resolution to be confirmed was passed.

10.2 Disbursement of Funds
The funds and property of the club shall be transferred to some worthy sporting body with similar objects to those of the club as the general meeting by simple majority shall decide.