Rules Baring Head

Baring Head rules
If you are flying at Baring Head you must:
1) Have read and agreed to the GWRC rules below.
2) Open airspace before the first pilot launches (see below).
3) Close airspace after last pilot lands for the day.
4) Send a message on WhatsApp to WHGPC saying that you are going
    flying.  If you are not on WhatsApp ask another club member to send
    out a WhatsApp message.
5) If you are flying solo (not recommended) that someone knows that you are there
    and your ETR.
6) If you are flying with with other pilots check that:
     a) that they are current members of the NZHGPA!  
     b) that they have agreed to these rules  
     c) that someone has opened and closed airspace
     d) that keys and padlock have been returned to the hiding spot at the end of the day.
7) Have fun!
Opening and closing Baring Head Airspace NZG674
Call 04 387 1980 and then choose option #9.
Tell the controllers at the tower that you want to open or close “Baring
Head Gliding Airspace 674″.
If you do not open the airspace and another air user complains we may lose
our ability to use this site!
If you do not close the airspace at the end of flying this will inconvenience other
airspace users and annoy the controllers.  However, the Tower will NOT initiate
Search & Rescue if they do not hear from you.
Keys and padlock
The GWRC has issued the club with two keys to access Baring Head.
One is for the main gate and the second is for HG pilots to access the
track down to the beach to retrieve wings.  Both keys are the same.
The keys are hidden off-site along with a combination lock.
One key is to be locked inside the lock-box located at the entrance gate.
The second key is to be taken on-site if HGs are flying – otherwise can also
be left in the lock-box.
Only club members who have agreed to the rules on this page will be advised
of the location of the keys.
Introduction to GWRC rules of use
There are many different groups with an interest in Baring 
endeavours to consider the interests of all the parties so that everyone
may enjoy the park.
Special permission has been granted to WHGPC so that club members can have
vehicle access to the park so that we can undertake hang gliding and paragliding.
It is essential that we respect other users and comply with the park management plans.
Please carefully read and understand the following conditions that apply to access.
It is also important to ensure that you keep up-to-date with this information before
accessing the park.
When you have read and understood the following conditions, please register that
you agree with the conditions.  You will then be granted permission to access
Baring Head using vehicles for the purposes of flying until the agreement is up
for renewal on 3 November 2019.
Times of entry:
Hang gliding/ paragliding will only happen during 8am – 6pm (winter)
 and 7am -9pm (summer daylight savings)

1. No fires, smoking, glass, alcohol or drugs are taken on to or consumed at
Baring Head.
2. No dogs or other animals are to be taken on to Baring Head.
3. Participants shall adhere to and comply with all Park by-laws.
4. Maximum group size of 30 people at anyone one time.
5. Maximum of ten vehicle inside the park (please meet at
park entrance and pool vehicles).
6. Only 4×4 vehicle can go off the formed road.  A wet area on the map
has been marked that is potentially impossible to pass in wet conditions.
(2WD vehicles can drive up to the private gate on the road to the lighthouse).
7. Preferably keep vehicles to the top terrace.  But if there is a need to
pick-up gear from beach front use the 4×4 track.  Be aware this
is a steep vehicle track and has a locked gates on the track.
8. If unable to land on the marine terraces, hang gliders must
attempt to land on an open area of beach away from any vegetation
to prevent damage to threatened native coastal vegetation and areas
indicated on the map attached between August and March to avoid
damage to nesting and roosting areas of threatened shore birds.
Similarly, vehicles used to pick up hang gliding equipment and people
from the beach must stop at the bottom of the escarpment and not
proceed around the coast to avoid disturbance to the habitat of nesting and
roosting birds or threatened coastal vegetation. Any equipment on the beach must be carried to the vehicle using existing tracks.
9.Only people who have agreed to these conditions will be given access to the required keys.
I have read, understood and agree with the above conditions.  Please enter your name and type AGREE here.
View list of all people who have agreed to these conditions.
This is the full text to the agreement between the Wellington Regional Council and the Wellington Hang Gliding & Paragliding Club.