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You plan to come to Wellington region for few flights?

Flying Sites in the Area

Wellington and Waiararapa have some spectacular and challenging flying sites and visting pilots are very welcome.
There are 5 coastal soaring sites and about 10 inland or thermal flying sites.
Please contact a member of WHGPC to find out about flying sites in the Wellington and Wairarapa areas, to obtain briefings and join local pilots flying these sites.

New pilots and visiting pilots may not realise how fragile our connection to these sites is for Hang gliding and Paragliding in the near and far future. Hang gliding and Paragliding in New Zealand is quite different in this respect from mainstream sports and flying in other countries. If not for continuing work by the Club and awesome efforts by certain individuals, it is probable that these sites would be lost forever. All pilots should be super considerate and respectful towards landowners and nearby residents (close gates, pick up rubbish, drive slowly etc). This all supports the Club and ensures our continual enjoyment of flying in this area. Thanks.

A Small Disclaimer

Site breifings can not be a substitute for your own careful assessment of the conditions on a particular day.
You have to make your own decisions about flying!

Before you fly a Wellington Site

Please check the Pilot Code of Conduct.
You need to have a current NZHGPA membership for legal and insurance reasons; international visiting pilots can purchase a temporary NZHGPA Visiting Pilot Membership (see below).
As a visiting pilot you must contact a WHGPC member to be briefed on the specific site conditions, launch access, etc

Make sure you to follow the access rules specific to a site and be aware of height and landing zone restrictions.
No acrobatics within a cylinder of 150m radius around any WHGPC launch.
Powered operations are prohibited at all WHGPC launches.

Our sites are relatively demanding to fly with conditions changing seasonally, please make certain you are sufficiently rated, experienced and briefed about the current status before flying here.

It is also very much suggested that you fly with club members initially; You will be welcomed by the local pilots and benefit from our detailed knowledge about the area.

For further information about the local flying sites, please contact the club President

If you are an international visiting pilot please check this page.

Greater Wellington Regional Council Flying Sites